Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Top Movies, First Half of the Year

Today I'm just posting my list of the top movies of January through June.  I've discussed all of them in previous essays.  The list is heavy with foreign movies and, unfortunately, obscure movies that are hard to find---although most will be eventually out on DVD and through other sources.  Distribution patterns are understandable economically, but it would terrific if the adventurousness of exploring foreign cultures of fifty years ago were, even to a small extent, restored.  In any case, the most interesting and rewarding movies released in NY and LA theaters this year were

1.  The Footnote  (from Israel)
2.  Oslo, August 31st  (Norway)
3.  In the Family  (US)
4.  Kid with a Bike  (Belgium)
5.  Monsieur Lazhar  (Canada)
6.  Once Upon a Time in Anatolia  (Turkey)
7.  Moonrise Kingdom  (US)
8.  Polisse  (France)
9.  The Forgiveness of Blood  (Albania)
10.  This Is Not a Film  (Iran)

In about ten days, I'll discuss  UnforgivableBeasts of the Southern Wild,  and  Farewell, My Queen---and more.

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  1. Always lovely posts! One suggestion: it would be great if you could add hyperlinks to the movies you are reviewing, so that your readers will be able to click and maybe rent them or buy them. Streaming is a big thing nowadays and many of the movies you mentioned are available on iTunes or Amazon. Here is for example one of the movies from this post:


    For movies which are not currently available online, a link to their info from Clicker (which aggregates all the online streaming stores) would be great: